Monday, February 7, 2011

Got My Goodies

Today, I spent my nap time (meaning my kids' nap time) working on my blogs. I'm trying to streamline things a little and make it more user friendly. I'm debating whether or not to pay someone to re-design my blog for me. Hmmm...any thoughts? If you've paid someone to update your blog look, leave me a comment with their info. I am interested, but not sure I want to spend the money on that.

So, since I was working on that, I didn't get to scrap today. You'll have to wait for a new layout from me until tomorrow. Cause, I'm a little done being in my dungeon. :) Which is actually a pretty decent office/scrap room, but it's in the basement, and if I'm in here too long, I get a little crazy. I got home from the gym this morning and saw a package on my door step. YAY! My goodies from the blog giveaway came. Here's a pic of what I got.

A lot of good stuff there huh? Can't wait to use it all up!

It's inspired me to do a giveaway. I'm thinking later this stay tuned!


Beatriz Rubio De Kimmel said...

glad you liked your goodies! I have never paid for somebody to design my blog and I really don't know how much it would cost, las time I redisigned my I looked online for a nice/modest blogger design and that was it. if you need help let me know

Nora said...

Congratulations on your pkg! Looks like you got some really good stuff! I have no knowledge of paying somebody to update your blog, so I can't give you any advice on that. Sorry.

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Looks like you can make some wonderful things with all that stufff. I too have been thinking of having someone to redo my blog, but not sure who. So Please let me know if you find someone good.....~Cherrie~