How long Have You Been Scrapbooking?
I have 11 years of experience with the modern style of scrapbooking.

What would you say your "style" is?
I like bright, bold colors. I often use black and white accents. I always try to coordinate the papers with the picture itself.

Do you have a portfolio?
I have uploaded all of my scrapbook layouts over the past 4 years at www.scrapbook.com. Go here to see my gallery.

Can I see your progress as you go?
When I start making an album for you, I will email you pictures of pages as I finish them. This is at no extra charge.

How many photos do you put on page?
This depends on your preference. I can do anywhere from 1-5 photos per page. I have lots of experience with both. You will need to look through my previous layouts and decide which style YOU prefer.

I don't like a lot of "stuff" on my page. Am I getting charged extra for embellishments?
The pricing includes all of your embellishments. However, if you feel that I am using too much, we can adjust the price per page accordingly.

Can you make a scrapbook for me to put photos in?
Yes! I can make a custom made scrapbook where you fill in the photos yourself. However, this limits how many photos you can fit on a page. Frequently when scrapbooking, I will crop photos to a smaller size cutting out any unnecessary images in the background. This allows me to fit more photos on a page. If you are not comfortable with me cutting your photos, then a pre-made album (where you fill in the photos yourself) might be the best way to go.

How do I get my photos to you?
The best way is to mail photos to me. However, I will accept photos on a CD in jpg format. There will be an extra charge for printing costs.