Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Isms-Great Idea for Mother's Day

I had this idea, and here it is....

This is a fabulous way to display all those cute and funny things that your kids say. Would be a great gift for Grandma, Daddy, or anyone that loves your child (almost) as much as you! Or keep it for yourself to hang in your child's room. Basically, it is a 12x12 layout all about your child surrounded with the cute, funny, or just precious things that make them who they are! Otherwise known as an -ism. The one pictured here is one I did of my niece named Hazel, so thus it is titled: Hazel-isms.

All you have to do is send me a list of words, quotes, or stories that make them who they are. On this example, I have a prayer she once said, a song she made up on the fly, and tons of funny things that she has been caught saying to her Mom. I will write it all out in a fun creative way, creating an original piece for you to keep. Depending on what those quotes may say, or some of their favorite things, I will add embellishments that will enhance this original piece of art.
I can do the 12x12 in different colors, but looks best in white.

$25 unframed, $35 framed

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